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  1. wow such amazing work

  2. dimitar dimitrov

    just amazing art 

  3. The second pic of that couple in a daisy field is my favourite

  4. Great job!!!

  5. Siphiwe Mhlambi

    Classic work indeed!

  6. Josephine Wong

    front parts are super great.

  7. toolfreak4157

    Please, teach me your ways…

  8. DanielGriffiths Photography

    Hi Joe, Nope all available light 🙂

  9. Outstanding! Oh so creative 🙂

  10. DanielGriffiths Photography

    Hi Randy, i use indesign so its pretty quick, 2-3 hours for a 40 page album
    including treatment of photos 🙂

  11. can you tell me the songs on the video

  12. wow, a stunning collection of photographs, the couples involved must be
    absolutely delighted with your work Daniel.

  13. DanielGriffiths Photography

    Thanks Pauline 🙂

  14. DanielGriffiths Photography

    thanks m8

  15. DanielGriffiths Photography

    Hi Aqa1, I use ACR for everything, sharpening you can do in PS with High
    Pass filter (filter-other-high pass) Drama is created at point of capture
    with the correct exposure for the intended result. Then just add your own
    enhancement techniques like vingette etc. Cheers Daniel

  16. Randy Benemerito

    Hi bro!!!Good job!!How long does it take for you to have these outcomes to
    complete one wedding album? Im curious because some of your photos looks
    like a HDR.

  17. Truly amazing! May i ask what lenses do you recommend for Wedding
    Photography?. I have a Nikon D7000. Thank you 🙂

  18. exceptional work……..thoroughly enjoyed watching the slide show Dan.

  19. If these were taken back in 2008-2009, then you’re a visionary!!! Excellent
    concepts, by the way! Love it !

  20. Amazing work!!

  21. im photographer too … but this ….amazing…

  22. thanks heaps Dan! really appreciate it.. one more thing did you sometimes
    shoot underexposed or overexposed in manual mode since you said that you
    are barely used flash, thank you for your kind explanation! 🙂

  23. fantastic!!! great job :-)))

  24. WOW!

  25. Wow, 8000 ISO with no flash! These are great quality photos. Any tutorial?