Feb 13

Natural Beauty at Leeds City Museum

Called as the natural history museum with a difference, Sara Porter’s (fine art photographer) lens on skulls, eggs, insects and taxidermy takes a different kind of look at the 80000 things helping to make up the biggest collection under museum ownership’s service in Leeds.

Many of those are on loan for the very first time in last few years from their purpose built store – Leeds Museum Discovery Centre. In the 1st part of the Derbyshire artist’s foray via the wild and exotic, 7 categories include pictures of animals acting unusually, wild Yorkshire, urban wildlife as well as British fungi and plants.

Public reaction to the opening twenty four hours of the event reveals that this unusual angle on an well known ancient collection will be one worth returning to in its 6 month run. An companion wildlife photography contest is offering visitors the scope to feature in the 2nd part of the exhibit.

Tom Ulrich, the wildlife photographer, will present his work in his twenty first visit from 13th Feb to 14th Feb at 7 pm to Southern Arkansas University. The photography exhibit will be in D.W. Reynolds Campus and Community Center’s Foundation Hall.

Jan 13

Wildlife photography compitition

Amateur and wildlife photographers have been asked to take part in the annual photography contest of Worcestershire Wildlife Trust to help in raise funds for wildlife. This conservation charity is asking for pictures showing the diversity of Worcestershire’s wildlife and countryside.

The contest is running for the past 4 years. It generally takes for snaps taken on the very own nature reserves of the Trust. But that rule is not applicable for this year. This year photographers can submit their pictures that are clicked anywhere in Worcestershire, including places like Hagley, Belbroughton and Kent.

Wendy Carter, who is the spokesperson for the Trust, is very enthusiastic about the whole event. Carter told that their nature reserves are really great for wildlife, but they have also realized that most people love to watch wildlife in local parks, villages and gardens. It is not only, their reserve, but they encourage people to see wildlife wherever they want to see. They also encourage them to have a camera and make sure that they do not forget to click any moment.

In the 2014 calendar of the trust, 12 will pictures will be featured and more importantly it will also serve to raise money for charity work. One of the photographers will also get a chance to see his photographer on the front cover.

Some winning snaps may also be considered for the greetings cards of the trust that will also help in their charity work.

Dec 12

Shortlisted for RSPCA Young Photographer Awards

Pictures clicked by four youngsters from South East have made it to the shortlist cut of RSPCA Young Photographer Awards this year. They have been included in this contest that will be judged by RSPCA vice president and television presenter Chris Packham. On the whole, thirty one pictures that were clicked throughout England have made it to the shortlist cut.

Fifteen year old Katie Alston, from Kent, have been selected for her snap called ‘Two Old Birds Sat On A Park Bench’ that sees 2 herring gulls looking into the camera. 8 years old Stephen Brown, who is also from Kent, was nominated for his picture ‘American Eagle In The Dark’ that shows a man carrying an American eagle.

Seventeen year old Amy Wilton from Fareham has been selected for her picture My Girl Holly that depicts a rescue dog. Fifteen year old Alex Berryman’s picture depicts a seal with its eye squinched.
Judge Chris told that it was always lovely to get involved in this kind of contests and getting to know both the young talents and their enthusiasm for wildlife.

Another thing that he loved is the way most young people used their resources on their doorstep. He added that most adults feel that they have to go to Africa to photograph wild animals, but these kids did not have any option other than their backyard. And in result, they took really beautiful snaps of garden wildlife such as ants, spiders and flies.

Nov 12

Peter Van receives award

Magnum photographer Peter Van was given $30,000 W. Eugene Smith Grant in the field of Humanistic photography. The event took place on Wednesday at the School of Visual Arts, New York City and it was attended by renowned photojournalists like Paolo Pellegrin, Anne Kenneally and James Nachtwey.

The W. Eugene Smith Grant was established in the year 1978. This grant is denoted as the most respected award in the history of photography. The grant is named after the name of the renowned photographer whose agonizing pics clicked during World War II displays an unbelievable as well as an emotional view of human cost during the war.

During that time, this grant was given to identify a photographer having evidenced an excellent commitment to document the human state in terms of the true spirit of Smith’s photography as well as devoted empathy.

Peter Van has long been working on one of his finest project “If It is Willed”. The project is all about the recent wars that broke out in Iraq and Afghanistan along with their effects within the United States. This was amongst his accessible work that displayed the inner side of the ongoing wars via Afghan and Iraqi views that helped him earn the honor of the year.

Not only that, an additional fellowship of $5,000 was awarded to one of the finest photographer, Massimo Berruti for his incredible work on a project entitled The Dusty Path. The project showed an overall combination of works scrutinizing the victims of strikes, fight against militancy and much more.

Oct 12

David LaChapelle to have exhibition on Bangkok

David LaChapelle, the well known artist and fashion photographer, will be on his debut tour to the city of Angels to display his masterpieces in the “Smirnoff Midnight Circus” party.

Well known for his unique vision when working with well known faces like Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears and Madonna, David has made an interactional art installation that will be demonstrated exclusively in this event in Asia for the very first time.

There is a little scope to see the hyper realistic snaps by this American photographer who photographs have braced the pages and covers of well known magazines like i-D, Rolling Stone, GQ, Vanity Fair, French Vogue and Italian Vogue.

After founding himself as a habitué in contemporary photography, David settled to branch out and direct documentary films, live theatrical events and music videos. In the year 2006, he determined to minimize his involvement in commercial photography and come back to his roots by concentrating on fine art photography. After that he had showcased both in commercial galleries as well as leading public institutions across the world.

Also ready to inflame the excitement and fun in each party goers will be Christian Carlsson, who is a member of Miike Snow (Swedish pop band), The Toxic Avenger (French based house deejay) and Groove Riders’ Burin Boonwisut.

Aug 12

Adjusting the Shutter Speed

Setting the right shutter speed before clicking a picture is a very important factor for photography, according to Tim from Boudoir photographer cheshire.

First let us discuss what the shutter speed is all about. When an individual clicks the shutter button of the camera to take a snap, a specific amount of time is taken by the blades of the aperture to close. This particular amount of time taken the aperture blade is simply known as the shutter speed. In general cases the time taken by the blade is just a nano second.

But, in case you are capturing a fast motion subject then the shutter timing is changed to 1/300th of a second. When the shutter speed of the camera is increased then the sensor is allowed to expose to light for quite a long period of time. In low light situation the light requires to enter for longer period of time. So, from this it can be concluded that in dim light situation the shutter speed has to be diminished. But in this condition if the camera is moved just a little then motion blur can occur. These generally happen in two cases- when the subject is very fast moving or the individual can keep the camera steady and still.

During night time if you have diminished the shutter speed you get a good quality picture. But the camera must be placed on the tripod so that blur pictures are not clicked. Generally shutter speed is not diminished more than 1/30th second but if the speed is further diminished then the particular individual must have a steady hand for clicking pictures.

It must be kept in mind along with the shutter other necessary changes like ISO, aperture, focal length, etc adjustments are also necessary for proper and good quality pictures. But with the shutter speed you can experiment many stuffs and can also give an artistic looks to your respective snap.

Jul 12

Stock Photography

Some photographers like to make extra money and sell their photos to agencies for Stock Photos. There are millions of these agencies in the world and you can find them all in the Internet. Some will require exclusive rights and other will not. In all cases is a contract to be signed on line and a summary of payments.

According to the Cheshire Wedding Photographers, the best known agencies are Shutterstoc and Stockphoto.

There are different kinds of licenses to take into consideration:

Royalty Free and Right Managed Licensing both types differ in the allowed use of the photos. All contracts are custom made when it refers to Rights managed, while in Royalty free, the contracts are standard. Royalty Free are sold by the image and they have a standard price. Right managed images are expensive and the agency sells them for you.

All photos are copyrighted; the owners are the photographers or the agencies, depending on what your contract reads. An image passes to the public domain (copyright free) after the copyright term expires. Copyleft still requires a license.

First, look for SEO keywords related to stock photography, and then match your images with the words. You will be surprised at how many photos you have in your computer that with a little touching software (Adobe, Photoshop, etc.) you could sell. You won’t be a millionaire overnight unless your picture makes it to a big corporation for general use or a magazine.

Jun 12

Wedding photography