Dorset Wildlife Trust’s photography contest

Young people are being asked to take their cameras or mobile phones to click top shots of wildlife in this spring. Dorset Wildlife Trust are looking for pictures for its monthly photographic contest for under-18s.

Dorset Wildlife Trust’s community conservation officer Catherine Mason told that The Pat Dolbear Photographic Award for Young People targets to get more young people interested in some of their smaller nature by using their digital cameras or mobile phones.

This award is photographer Ken Dolbear’s brainchild. He is a long-standing member of DWT and he is dedicated to the memory of his wife Pat. Catherine insists that people often overlook smaller creatures around us, therefore, it is time that people give a proper look at at them. She suggested to look at the sheltered spots like under logs for species hiding from the cold, or venture out on a sunny day and find an early bumble bee or beetle.

Prizes (up to £25 Amazon gift tokens) are handed to one or more of the photographers who, in the opinion of the judges, submit the best work each month. The monthly winners as well as runners-up work will be posted on Facebook and Twitter and more importantly it may also feature in DWT’s e-news bulletin Wildlife Matters.

3 students from Salisbury’s St Edmund’s School won the January wildlife photography prize for their pictures taken on Brownsea Island. Hannah Hutchby and Holly Lucas were among the winners, and Lauren Humphries was the runner up.


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