Lewandowski’s photographs are on display

Forty-nine year old boilermaker Mike Lewandowski has an interest in photography. The Highland man caught the attention with his nesting Calumet eagles’ snaps. Two of his photographs are on display at Paul Henry’s Art Gallery in Hammond.

Paul Henry’s owner Dave Mueller told that he had an exceptionally decent camera, and he is starting out. He does wildlife, cars and cemeteries. Mike is Catholic, and Dave got him to do the church. He figured that it was a very good project for Mike. That the project is now on display at the Blue Room Cafe in Hammond.
Two of his favorite snaps are – Graveyard Pony, which is a Mustang by a graveyard; and 9-11, which is a Calumet eagle snap.

Mike Lewandowski told that he always preferred to take snaps. He got a decent camera few years back. Earlier he had a good Canon camera. Then one day he tipped while taking snaps of eagles in his kayak and his came also went with him.

After graduating from Highland High, Mike joined the Navy. Even then, he went on to learn art and photography and his inspiration was local photographer and artist Lora Mercado. He always loved nature since he was a kid. Mike loves fishing, and he even has a fishing trailer. He stated that apart from his son, the lake would probably be his legacy. This is not thing for money-making, but it is nice.


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