Pet Photography: Tips & Tricks Tip 22

Photography Video clip Score: 4 / five

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  1. Michael Hussey

    Nice beautiful video photography, you can also publish in Youpic

  2. Japanica Hunter

    Awesome, thank you

  3. Nice,good video photography,also u can publish your video in Youpic.

  4. This is not good. She is confusing the dogs, and clothing and jewelry is
    for people – not dogs.

  5. great video tutorial. phootographing pets does require lots of patience.
    love your videos.

  6. Alessia Kimberley

    Morning! Have you had any luck with photo sfxart tricks (search on google)?
    My buddy Bill made some amazing pics with their video tutorials.

  7. I love those poodles!!! They’re sooo precious!!<3

  8. @oonennyoo Thank you so much for your comment!

  9. Troy Durrance

    I could watch your pet photos bids all day. Love the expressions on the big

  10. Andrea Koutstaal

    what program do you use for editing your videos??

  11. minipigsDOTcom

    the two poodles are just adorable xD

  12. Pam's Dog Academy

    I get a nice head tilt when I ask my dogs questions. 🙂

  13. Yonathan Zarkovian

    Portrait lenses (85mm, 100mm). I’d recommend a zoom lens like the 70-200
    because they constantly move and you don’t want to have to take a step back
    whenever they move towards you.

  14. 123animalcrazy

    how about a 7 week old puppy? I have found it really hard

  15. $30 for shedding?!?! :O Hell, ill bring my iwn lint roller! LoL!

  16. I don’t say this very often since I’m a professional and all I see is
    people in my area who buy cheap DSLRs and call themselves photographers,
    but you are AMAZING! Absolutely fantastic!

  17. the huskies are gorgeous!!!

  18. these photographs are kitch, contrived, and frankly.. absolutely tasteless.
    But hey, you are good at it. Here’s an idea that was carried out by an
    English photographer ( i dont remember his name). He would put an ad out
    for pet-owners and have them get their pet locked in a car, in the rain, at
    night. he would then photograph the pet looking abandoned, through the
    rain-soaked window. this created some gorgeous shots. i was into it but
    when i read they were orchestrated i was dissapointed.

  19. you are very professional but very gentle with animals, i like it 🙂

  20. Me encanta todos tus videos, te sigo siempre sos adorable gracias!!!

  21. Vincent Dominguez

    Great tutorial.. What lenses are great for pet photography? Thanks in

  22. Totally luv this vid. 🙂

  23. What type of dog do you have? I love him, he is so adorable!

  24. OMG that husky picture with the balls is soooooo cute!

  25. I like tottles!