Photography accessory firm shifts

A well known Italian photography accessory firm has moved their US headquarters to a bigger facility in the Upper Saddle River. Earlier it was in Ramsey, now this move will help to offer room for expanding upon in an industry which has experienced a growth of amateur hobbyists.

Manfrotto Distribution that finished moving its fifty United States employees into their new place in December but arranged its opening in Upper Saddle River last Wednesday. The new place which is a mile from its old place has got room for seventy five employees, stated William Drysdale, who is the managing director of Manfrotto Distribution US.

In Ramsey, the earlier facility had nine thousand square feet office space as well as forty thousand square feet warehouse place. The location of the Upper Saddle River has sixteen thousand square feet office space, but Manfrotto shifted its warehousing to a more flexible space house at Panalpina in Secaucus. That place is twenty thousand square feet, as well as Manfrotto gets around fifty thousand square feet, with the power to contract or expand space as required, stated Drysdale.

When the warehouse was shifted to Secaucus, around twenty workers were allowed to go, but they were asked to look for jobs at Panalpina, said Drysdale. He added that most of them were transferred over to the 3rd party partner. Those jobs stayed secure, just not under their corporate facility.


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