Photography Tips, Essential Skills, Quickly Transform Your Photos, by Karl Taylor

Photography Video Ranking: 4 / five

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  1. Where is that amazing place at 4:52 ?

  2. GameGlitcher94

    Does the ND Filter go over half the lens to darken the sky?

  3. Nicely done video!

  4. Who is a DSLR?

  5. Tylereatsanimals

    F/1.2…………. im sad..

  6. BoundlessAuthority

    Vikki got gorgeous smile just use it more often 🙂

  7. Cookie-cutter pictures.

  8. Thank you Mr. Taylor. I use the sun for lighting in most of my photos.  I’m no professional but I love taking photos none-the-less. Even when my camera is not on me, I study the way the sun lights the objects around me. Thank you for sharing this video with us.

  9. I need some help. I want to take time lapse shots of the sky and clouds, but here in Texas if you leave an electronic device out in the sun it will die. It is usually 100+degrees all summer and a black camera is going to literally melt if left in the sun for longer than a few minutes. I’ve thought of covering it in foil, but that still eaves the inside of the lens and such exposed.

  10. Thank you so much for this video. Im not only a singer I want to do photography as well and this helps a lot.

  11. is that bag heavy???…


  12. I like British accent… 😛

  13. You’re like the Dundee of photography excursions. Well done, sir.

  14. Screw the wood, get the sunset.

  15. does anybody know’s the name of his tripod?

  16. SArmanSphotography

    you are a talented photographer and I like the way you explain things…;
    best wishes… S Arman S.

  17. MizztressOfSpices

    I love it! Thank you very much!!!

  18. RiverSunPassion


  19. Born2KillGaming

    Does anybody know, which GND he uses in this video?
    I guess 0.6 or 0.9.

  20. cchhaarrlliiee2211

    What was the Ultra Wide Angle lens you were using? Great work by the way

  21. What’s that web site again? :/

  22. love you kinG :)

  23. amazing shots! The magic hour!

  24. electronicballast

    We are not photographers – we are carvers of light.

  25. KNDKphotography

    Can any one fill me in on where I can pick up one of these ND filters