Photography Tips : How Do I Become a Freelance Photographer?

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  1. EgillBjarniHelgason

    Canon eos 500d, 550d or 600d are good for beginners

  2. Hasselblad H4D-200MS
    ….. if you have no budget, then that’s a nice one.
    But you really need to give more details for a realistic answer.
    What kind of shooting (action, studio, landscape)
    What kind of budget (the camera listed above is over 40,000 USD)
    How far are you/how far do you want to go. (Do you have a point and shoot and you’re looking to upgrade? Do you want to go pro?)
    There’s a right camera for everyone.

  3. What is the best dijital camera to start taking pic’s with.

  4. Thanks for the vid great info

  5. 60D

  6. billionaire24

    Great video. .

  7. timmytimification

    These videos are utter nonsense. Who is Anthony?

  8. SuperWario094

    canon rebel t3i or 60d. i use a 7d but its more expensive.

  9. SuperWario094

    canon rebel t3i or 60d.

  10. D700 uses the same sensor as the D3 not the D3s

  11. what kind of camera would you start with to look professional but not to expensive

  12. thankyou! good tips, even before this vid, i display my photographs at deviantart and i got an assignment today! for february! i’m so excited!

  13. reminiscentmani93

    Very informative for a newbie like me. I also get some good pointers from thephotographyclinic (.) com

  14. No way! me too! I love Chicago :]

  15. Am not sure how old this video is,but do you still give some tips on photographer. Pls if you do could you let me know.thx

  16. wow i spelled photographer wrong…

  17. you said EXACTLY what I wanted to be:

    a convention photogragher in Chicago!!!!!

  18. I’d like to recogmend the Art Institutes to everyone. I love love love going there!!! They have online classes which are amazing

  19. Yes, I think I just might be!

  20. he is hot ? are you insane?

  21. XinsidethefireX


  22. LittlestCinema

    no but it sure helps!

  23. thanks and AWESOME

  24. Keep shooting pictures in that case! I really want to become one too, and after a short internship, I learned being a photographer is an awesome, awesome proffesion.

  25. not only is he knowledgeable but he is hot hot hot!