Photography Tips : How Do I Become a Professional Photographer?

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  1. i dont know about the end… i might be just a dumb human beeing, but i learn the most from mistakes i do myself, so i like to just get into stuff right from the beginning

  2. Hey thanks man,you seem like a nice great dude.I’m one of those guys are jst doing this for fun and wnna learn how to take nice pics.Thanks for the tips and your thoughts.

  3. No…he used “segue” as a noun. “That’s a great segue…”. If he’d said “that is how you segue…”, it’d be a verb.

  4. good point !

  5. jamespinderphotoman

    hii , great vid : )
    im 14 and im seriously intrested in photography afterdoing it for nearly 2 and ahalf yearsi have worked alongsome great photographers and evenshot at accrington stanley with the official photographer buti cant understandhow you getreally noticed and get your photosout thereand makelots ofmoney off my images , it got mee thinking as i know there is so much competition in photography and i think iwant to make alivingoffphotography soo howdo i get my photos out there?cheers 😀

  6. MrThomas11111111111

    i want to make a bitt of money with making pictures but how?
    and i am only 13 years old i don’t now if that is something to worrie about
    but i really love taking pictures
    sorry for english ( i am dutch)

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  8. mattandhisguitar

    good vid

  9. willywonkarocks1

    1:06 peace

  10. haha, im sure

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  12. Photography is dying out by the sheer numbers of people entering the field and the amount of post production software to make a bad photo passable.. Regrettably, most of these “photographers: don’t train properly and stagnate at a lousy, passable level. Even worse, the customer often doesn’t know the difference. Anybody can market themselves into a professional photographer gig, but become a real photographer is a bigger subject.

  13. Just like anything in life that depends on how motivated you are. And yes, you do need to be at least pretty good as a photographer. Being kick ass will get you much farther.

  14. Damn— quite concise for 3 minutes. Good Job.

    I’ll add that people should stop using professional as a way of describing an image. Amateur photographers often have way better work than professionals— just as he said “professional” only literally means that money is made full time from being a photographer. People casually use the term so much nowadays to describe good work simply because a lot of professionals do have really good work.

  15. its easier to win the lottery than earn alot of money with photography

  16. hey what about if your study in university. i did art and design but move to photography.

  17. Very good advice. Thx

  18. i like your philosophy, It actually can be translated to any dream job. It’s like they say… money doesn’t buy happiness. I know you can get what you always wanted with money, but how you own them, is a part of your life, and is part of makes your life worthwhile. Hating your job is never a part of a completely happy life. You can have kids and a wife that loves you, but to hate your job,.. it wouldn’t overlap the joy of the wife and kids, but it’s not as good as it could be.

  19. overratedvirtue95

    Very informative for a newbie like me. I also get some good pointers from thephotographyclinic (.) com

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  21. CWWPhotography

    I really enjoy your YouTube Channel. You give great advice. Check out my YouTube Channel Sometime. Maybe we could swap ideas. I plan to post a lot of my photography editing sessions on here.

  22. StealthyLikeDaNinja

    I liked this but have a question. it sounded to me like you implied that you really do not need any formal training. can you speak about this. How valuable is the formal training? It is really going to help me? can i really expect to make any serious money at it in the future without some sort of actual degree? Thanks.

  23. 0714boskittles

    Thanks for your work well done. Funny I thought all the keyboard battling baffoons would be else where but nope they are everywhere. Don’t get me wrong it’s great you have a hobby other than the one that’s gonna make you blind.

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