Photography Tips : How to Make a Photography Portfolio

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  1. hey guys check my pics! you’ll love it watch?v=XYBkf6eE9oY

  2. from the photographer a lot depends not only on the model. There are photographers who ever dissatisfied,irritated, trying to flirt ..and spoil all photos 8( Even if a girl is beautiful and photogenic, it can spoil everything, I had this situation .

  3. i’ve chosen probably about 100+ pictures for my portfolio is that enough or shall i just cut some down to 20-30 pictures??

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  5. Ive been taking pictures for about a year or so now.Ive never understood what ANY of the buttons meant.Anything about a DSLR camera in fact.I am completely obsessed with photography.Ive gotten good in a sense where I feel..comfortable?I agree that its such a challenge.You have to know what your goal is for the photo.And sometimes simply pressing that button just doesnt do.It’s such a challenge.No matter what kind of art your trying to create. But when accomplished..its such a rewarding feeling.

  6. its 2012 get a iPad and make a portfolio it make your work look 10000 time better..

  7. thats an awesome portfolio

  8. very true , but photography is a cut throat industry and alot of people just look at it as hitting a button . It takes a real photographer to use film .

  9. I Absolutly love your videos! You need to make more! This has helped me soooo much!

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    Nice but the camera you use is affecting the results you want

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  13. Good advance. I like it.

  14. I would be impress if he pulled out an iPad and showed his portfolio.

  15. The lady in the video with the dino book. Very informative vid.

  16. what do you mean her hair

  17. “Your”? You might want to work on your grammar and get a life.

  18. tillysparkles

    the dino book is cool lol i like to see pictures in a book more so then online

  19. tillysparkles

    awesome!!!!! cheers lad

  20. Her hair is really short, Good advice however and I really liked the dinosaur leather book. I had no idea that there were actually dino skins available. I thought they were extinct years ago. Thumbs up if you like dino skins!

  21. Hello, I like your portfolio, I would indicate the measures it?

    if you can make a picture with better measures.

    Thank you very much!

  22. Hello, I like your portfolio, I would indicate the measures it?

    if you can make a picture with better measures.

    Thank you very much!

  23. Great tips:) you should make a tutorial on how to make one?

  24. I am not a Mormon. wtf is the point of an add with a lady telling you that she is a Mormon?