Tampa Bay couples struggling with photographer for held up wedding photos

A studio in the bay area appears to have lost their aim as well as their customers are now paying the price. These days, wedding ceremonies are not cheap at all and finding good photographers to save special moments is quite expensive as well.

Diana and John Heaner from Riverview celebrate their very first marriage anniversary on 1st February. The couple had a contract with the Gary Kaplan Photography to shoot their ceremony. But they still do not have their albums or any print.

John told that he gave them US$ 4000 dollars. The bills show that John paid Gary Kaplan Photography in full US$ 3995 for a full wedding photography package. In spite of many phone calls and emails, John told that he has not heard anything from Kaplan since 2014 October. As per John, that time Kaplan told that he was not well.

John claimed that he actually felt sorry that Kaplan was sick, but they had a business deal and the studio could not deliver the product for which he gave the money for. He should have had a plan in place, a backup of some kind to ensure that if something happens another person’s going to be able to fulfill that. And it is not just him.

Aren Anderton gave Gary Kaplan Photography US$ 6492 for studio to shoot her wedding scheduled for December. Aren now said that she has not seen his work, he is an amazing photographer.

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