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Apr 14

How to Mat a Vignetted Photo : Photographer Tips

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Mar 14

Wildlife photo winners announced

NC Wildlife Resources Commission has declared the name of the winners of 9th Wildlife in North Carolina magazine photo contest. Garner’s Paul Malcolm won the grand award for his snap of live oak trees at the Fort Fisher site, which is near Wilmington. Paul plays viola with North Carolina Symphony. He is also a previous picture contest winner. In the year 2010, he snatched the 1st spot in Wild Landscapes category.

He told that when he took a snap, he is not documenting a scene; he is clicking a mood or a feeling. He is looking at some originative way to convey what he feels and see regarding the subject. Photography and music are both creative warmth. In concert, he emotionally gets involved. He gets involved in photography as he relishes taking snaps.

All the winners were published in 2014’s January/February’s Wildlife in North Carolina issue, with Malcolm’s grand prize image hitting the cover., the exhibit sponsor, made it possible for the snaps to be displayed at NC Museum of Natural Sciences in March.

Jim Wilson, the Wildlife in North Carolina editor, stated that there were snaps from each corner of the state, showing the diverse habitats of the natural resources which are covered in each issue of the mag. The photo contest nurtures a greater appreciation and understanding of the wildlife and wild of North Carolina.

Feb 14

Photography tips for your boudoir photo shoot – {Can you do without Photoshop?|No Photoshop

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Jan 14

Teens utilize photography

Taking part in a program named PhotoVoice, students assembled every week for twelve long weeks. There they learned about photography skills, reviewed each others work as well as offering constructive comment on each other’s work. With digital storytelling, the students were boosted to share their views on the topics of underage drinking as well as giving voice to their perspectives.

PhotoVoice, at the Homer Middle School, was integrated into the yearbook class of Rand Seaton. 16 students took part in that, including fourteen year old Sarah Wolf, who told that she learned the importance of making ways that the eye can go after when she is taking a snap. These are known as leading lines, and now she sees them everywhere. Continue reading →

Oct 13

WUFT-FM Florida’s 89.1 anniversary; photographic collaboration

WUFT-FM Florida’s 89.1, a public radio station, will honor their thirty-second year with limited edition poster with snaps of photographers David Moynahan and John Moran. Oasis in the Dark/Suwannee River will be a vertical poster available in WUFT FM membership cause from 7th October to 18th October.

John Moran, a University of Florida alumnus, clicks pictures wildlife and landscapes with an the water of the state’s – coasts, swamps, the rivers, lakes and springs, as well as the creatures which inhabit them. John was named as the official state photographer of Florida in the year 2007 and his snaps has appeared in several top magazines including Life, National Geographic, Smithsonian, New York Times Magazine and Time.

After the twenty three year career as a writer, photographer and editor for Gainesville Sun. In the year 2003, John Moran left the daily journalism world to focus full time on taking snaps the best of disappearing natural Florida.

David Moynahan is a conservation snapper whose snaps help preach for preservation of the wild places of the earth. He got awards at 2011 Nature’s Best Photography Windland Smith Rice Awards as well as their staff snapper for the Office of Recreation Services of Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. His pictures have come on several guides and books regarding the public land of Florida. The poster will be accessible during the cause with a set of 4 note cards boasting Florida springs after dark. The cards and the poster will be available for a US$ 120 donation to public radio.

Aug 13

Lewandowski’s photographs are on display

Forty-nine year old boilermaker Mike Lewandowski has an interest in photography. The Highland man caught the attention with his nesting Calumet eagles’ snaps. Two of his photographs are on display at Paul Henry’s Art Gallery in Hammond.

Paul Henry’s owner Dave Mueller told that he had an exceptionally decent camera, and he is starting out. He does wildlife, cars and cemeteries. Mike is Catholic, and Dave got him to do the church. He figured that it was a very good project for Mike. That the project is now on display at the Blue Room Cafe in Hammond.
Two of his favorite snaps are – Graveyard Pony, which is a Mustang by a graveyard; and 9-11, which is a Calumet eagle snap.

Mike Lewandowski told that he always preferred to take snaps. He got a decent camera few years back. Earlier he had a good Canon camera. Then one day he tipped while taking snaps of eagles in his kayak and his came also went with him.

After graduating from Highland High, Mike joined the Navy. Even then, he went on to learn art and photography and his inspiration was local photographer and artist Lora Mercado. He always loved nature since he was a kid. Mike loves fishing, and he even has a fishing trailer. He stated that apart from his son, the lake would probably be his legacy. This is not thing for money-making, but it is nice.

Jun 13

Conflict photography of Benjamin Lowy

Benjamin Lowy, a well known photojournalist, creates snaps of great beauty while working in the deepest corners of the planet where conflict reigns. For the Sydney Writers’ Festival as well as the Head On Photography Festival, Lowy speaks with Pip Cummings about art, beauty, and ethics in photojournalism.

Even when Benjamin Lowy was a kid, he used to go to New York’s Jones Beach to see the 3.5 metre swells which had been sickenby Hurricane Gloria. He told that he ran right into the ocean and that probably explains a little bit about who he is.

33 year old Lowy is a well known conflict photographer, whose pictures from  Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and Darfur have been hailed by the Magnum Foundation Emergency fund, World Press Photo as well as the ICP Infinity Award for Photojournalism. His snaps were also exhibited at San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art and the Tate Modern.

His love for photography was discovered by accident. Both his mom and grandmother were good painters and Benjamin always knew he really wanted to work in arts field. He told that he was also a kind of daydreamer, always reading science fiction, looking at comic books as a child.

He was studying to be a comic book illustrator and he often relied on drawing figures from photography books and one day he pulled well known photojournalist James Nachtwey’s Inferno and the die was cast. He told that he sat there for several hours and just looked at those snaps and it altered something inside of me.

Mar 13

Dorset Wildlife Trust’s photography contest

Young people are being asked to take their cameras or mobile phones to click top shots of wildlife in this spring. Dorset Wildlife Trust are looking for pictures for its monthly photographic contest for under-18s.

Dorset Wildlife Trust’s community conservation officer Catherine Mason told that The Pat Dolbear Photographic Award for Young People targets to get more young people interested in some of their smaller nature by using their digital cameras or mobile phones.

This award is photographer Ken Dolbear’s brainchild. He is a long-standing member of DWT and he is dedicated to the memory of his wife Pat. Catherine insists that people often overlook smaller creatures around us, therefore, it is time that people give a proper look at at them. She suggested to look at the sheltered spots like under logs for species hiding from the cold, or venture out on a sunny day and find an early bumble bee or beetle.

Prizes (up to £25 Amazon gift tokens) are handed to one or more of the photographers who, in the opinion of the judges, submit the best work each month. The monthly winners as well as runners-up work will be posted on Facebook and Twitter and more importantly it may also feature in DWT’s e-news bulletin Wildlife Matters.

3 students from Salisbury’s St Edmund’s School won the January wildlife photography prize for their pictures taken on Brownsea Island. Hannah Hutchby and Holly Lucas were among the winners, and Lauren Humphries was the runner up.

Jun 12

Learn Photo Editing for magazines and wedding photographers

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Jun 12

3 Tips For 3 Situations From A Professional Photographer – Cassandra Bankson’s Yearbook Photo

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